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Teacher: Dr. Bal Ram Singh

Science of Kriyayoga

The Science of Kriyayoga class covers understanding of self and surrounding by individuals through first making and practicing connections between body and mind. The content of the course includes explanation of objective and practical science, and role of mind in creating such an important field of study. The course also covers the meaning and description of yoga, which literally means union or process of uniting. 

Students are introduced to basic concepts of sciences, such as nervous system, respiration, photosynthesis, physical and natural forces, atomic and molecular structure, and coordinated function of a cell. Information from these topics is then used to construct an understanding of the process of yoga, first as a practice with self in terms of different body postures and breathing process, which is transformed into learning lessons for the connection with others, including animals, plants, and the environment. 

The students are provided examples of holistic functioning of atoms, molecules, cells, bodies, societies, planet, and the universe. Examples are also given for critical analysis of scientific facts, and assignments are given for them to critically analyze literature, seminars, or other published topical materials.