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Welcome Package for Adjunct Faculty


On behalf of the President, our faculty, and our staff members, welcome you to the Institute of Advanced Sciences (INADS).  


You join a group of outstanding faculty members who possess an undeniable sense of dedication to their respective field.  Thank you for your commitment, support, and dedication to the Institute.  INADS is more than just an institution of higher learning. It’s a place where we are striving to integrate fundamental with applied sciences to create a better understanding of matter, mind, natural phenomena, and universal principles of life. Institute main objective is to create international harmony through learning and promote holistic sciences for creating fundamental knowledge of truth.


INADS was founded in 2014 by personal effort of Dr. Bal Ram Singh, in a view to promote education in true sense. Education does not mean only literacy, it is the premise of progress for self along with whole society. Its main purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. INADS philosophy comprises of these principles. To put forward its educational philosophy, INADS has two departments a) Botulinum Research Center, and b) School of Indic Studies. The Botulinum Research Center (BRC) is major academic and research unit of INADS. Although, BRC mainly promotes research to create an understanding of botulinum neurotoxins, it is also expanding its horizon to other biomolecules for holistic understanding. Center organizes symposiums and workshops, offer internship, and engaged in various research collaborations. On the other hand, School of Indic Studies (SIS) offer interdisciplinary scholarly program that not only offers courses, seminars, internships, conferences, and theoretical/experimental research opportunities concerning philosophy, tradition, values, art, science, culture, and religions.


You, as an adjunct faculty, will be representative of the institute and contribute to the institute progress. We expect to learn new things from our adjunct faculty members and hope to bring the thing to the table which will advance the outreach of the institute. The INADS values and recognizes the expertise, experience, and perspective that adjunct faculty contribute and looks forward to working with you. We also request you to identify and promote INADS in your scholarly publications and presentations.


In addition to this short letter, we will send you the Adjunct Faculty Handbook. You should find all the institutional policy in the handbook.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Bal Ram Singh (508-992-2042), and/or Hollie Jones (508-989-5016).


Below are the areas where we are expecting some helps from Institute’s Adjunct Faculties, along with their academic contributions. Please select from the followings:


  1. Curriculum design

  2. Course preparations

  3. Policy preparations (Such as Code of ethical conducts)

  4. Arranging seminar and symposium speakers

  5. Organizing Seminars and lectures

  6. Documents preparation (such as students and faculty handbook)

  7. Formation of various committees and academic councils

  8. Accreditation process (forms and other documentations)

  9. Development of collaborative grant proposal

  10. Others (please specify)