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The vision for the Institute of Advanced Sciences is to become a leading institution of research and scholarship internationally for integrated interdisciplinary research for the benefit of human health and planetary sustainability. Institute will be a leading educational centre for the creation of a vibrant research, scholarship, and teaching institution to engage the academic and scholarly community, to develop fundamental practical knowledge for human self-reliance, and planetary sustainability through education.

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    Uniqueness of Protein
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    Teacher: Raj Kumar (Teach)

    Uniqueness of Protein

    This course will include basics of protein chemistry, concepts and theories of protein folding, protein folding problem (PFP) and diseases it can cause, predicting protein folding and related bioinformatics, details about molten globule of protein conformation, intrinsically disorder proteins (IDPs) and their functional impact, Bioanalytical techniques to study protein conformation, Introduction of toxin and their different conformations and functions, and evolution of proteins including protein toxins.