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This course is designed to teach science using yoga concepts and practices. The course is taught by incorporating significant amount of science material. Students not interested in learning science are discouraged from registering into the course or are encouraged to talk to the instructor before registering.

This course will introduce the role of Agricultural Biotechnology in nutrition improvement in our modern society. The benefit and safety concerns of the biotechnology will also be discussed.

Course work will include lectures, assignments, homework, quizzes, scientific reviews, lab work and exams. Students need to come prepared daily for the class. They need to finish reading the materials for the lectures and are highly encouraged to ask question in the class to clear their doubts. 

The is a research-based course which will engage students in the learning of theoretical as well as practical aspects of a real science problem encountered in a biochemistry laboratory. This course is intended to familiarize students with some of the well-known biochemical experiments and their usefulness in research. Students will gain experience in using biochemical instruments and techniques along with their theoretical aspects.